Free Tarot Card Reading with Original Crowley Thoth Descriptions

Get free tarot readings using the Book of Thoth in its original form, with Aleister Crowley’s written card meanings and border-less card images as illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Many methods of reading are available, including the famous 15-card Thoth (Golden Dawn) layout. As Crowley Thoth cards were designed to be interpreted by elemental dignity, online readings do not use reversals. Learn more about the tarot spreads at Use the table of links below to select a reading or scroll to the form below for extra options.

Book of Thoth Readings:

Draw One CardCeltic CrossLove Triangle
Draw Three CardsSecret of the PriestessPath
Blind SpotGolden DawnGame Plan
CrossDecisionComic Strip
Horse ShoeRelationship Reading #1Astrological
AnkhRelationship Reading #2Self-Actualization Pyramids
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Free majors-only and minors-only readings are available using the form. was recently converted to a new reading script. Free online Major Arcana and Minor Arcana readings are now possible. All of the same tarot spreads and more are now available. However, if you prefer to keep getting the same style of one-click instant readings, these free readings may still be accessed on or by scrolling down to the card spread images below.

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The Ankh

The Ankh
















Card meanings quoted from The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot) by Aleister Crowley
Card images conceived by Aleister Crowley and executed by Lady Frieda Harris
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