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The Book of Thoth is famous for its depth of symbolism, owed to Aleister Crowley’s lifetime of occult studies and writings. Conceived and designed by Crowley, the cards were artistically executed by Lady Frieda Harris. Harris was also responsible for encouraging Crowley to design a tarot deck late in his life, that it was important to his legacy and that the world needed it.

Crowley’s original meanings are provided for tarot readings on this website, which also includes the 15-card Thoth reading method which was the only spread detailed in the Book of Thoth. In the spirit of keeping with the creator’s original design, this site does not provide reversals. This site is dedicated to those who prefer to stay true to the original intentions of the deck’s infamous creator.

These cards are full of deep symbolism. Astrology, Kabbala, Gematria, Gnosticism, and mythology from Egypt and other cultures are just part of this tarot deck’s tapestry of wisdom. To understand the cards, it’s important to at least read their handbook of the same title, but preferably several other books such as Liber 777, The Book of the Law, Book 4, Israel Regardie’s The Middle Pillar, and other books that elaborate on the deck’s various sources of symbolism.